Lisa Lauzé is a Life Strategist and Workshop and Wellness facilitator.

Lisa Lauzé is a Life Strategist and Workshop and Wellness facilitator.

Lisa co-facilitates weekly “bootcamp” sessions by leading Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) and integrating Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) with practioner Dr. Jay Lepp.

Life Strategist

As a Life Strategist she incorporates the strategies developed by Donald Epstein that complement both these modalities.

Working with “The 12 Stages of Healing”, “Healing Myths and Healing Magic”, “The Triad of Change”, “The Rays of Consciousness” as well as the strategies and insights of others including her own personal experiences and contacts with Dr. Don Beck (Co-Author of Spiral Dynamics), Senior Guide Ananada Giri of One World Academy and Leading Life Coach and Strategist Anthony Robbins.

She has a passion not for “fixing” others but for weaving a unique set of life strategies for each practice member meeting them where they are at!

Stratgies for success

Whether you are looking to choose the right relationships or enhancing existing ones, achieving financial success, creating and maintaining excellent physical, emotional and spiritual health, Lisa can help you identify strategies for success.

She has spent intensive time with some of the most profound teachers of our time and looks to share the natural rhythms of life migrating back to “The Tree of Life” and knowing just when to reach for “The Tree of Knowledge.”

Her passion is born out of a burning desire to share the process that she embodies in order to light the pathway of others that is uniquely theirs.