Experience has its joys. 
One of mine in practice is I see the levels of change that are possible.
There are six levels at which we can learn and change.

The outermost level is the easiest to change, and the innermost level is the most difficult.

1. The outermost level is Environment.

I remember, for example, graduating from Chiropractic College and finally feeling  like I’d have a fresh start  and a chance to finally really be “respected”. (a person can spend their entire life chasing significance)

Guess what happened?

You got it: I still didn’t feel  ” it “. I was still me.

2. Going one level deeper, there are Behaviours.

Most of your posture is based on behaviours.

If you can change what you’re doing, you’ll usually get different results. (by the way…the more fluid your spine the more readily you can change)

3. The next level is Capabilities.

Yes, this has a lot to do with  skills you possess, but also how you use your brain.

So changing some behaviours may not be possible if you don’t possess the capability to do it.

4. Even deeper, there are Beliefs.

Here we require the development and awareness of being an observer.

And more than anything, it is beliefs that drive success– in self improvementin relationships, in careers, in life, and, most importantly, in happiness and life satisfaction.

The challenge with beliefs is that often we are not aware of the beliefs that drive us, or unable to change the beliefs that sabotage us.

5. Beyond beliefs, there’s Identity.

This is about who we think we are. As the spine reorganizes and posture shifts , our structural identity expands beyond old out dated concepts of who we think we are.

“It is our perception of our identity that organizes our beliefs, capabilities and behaviors into a single system.”  

-Robert Dilts

6. Finally, at the deepest level is Spirituality.

This is how we see ourselves fitting into the bigger picture of the universe.

Now, what is very cool about these Levels of Change?
As a person progresses through the levels of NSA care ,correspondingly, the levels at which we learn and change grow as well.

If you change at the outermost level, generally little else changes.

But if you change at the deeper levels, typically everything above it changes as well. 


see you in the entrainment room ,
Dr. Jay and Dr. Joyce