Meet Our Team

Introducing our team of specialists committed to helping you on your wellness journey

Jay Lepp

Practicing for over 30 years is a journey into constantly learning about life, health and integrated systems. I feel so fortunate to have been introduced to the Network Spinal Wave.  Discover reorganizational healing with new spinal strategies. 

Joyce Chen

I’ve been a wellness practitioner since 2004 using NSA to work on the body-mind connection to help you discover a better quality of life with more energy, less stress, anxiety, pain and symptoms and feel a deeper connection to yourself. In addition, I offer Shockwave treatment for issues such as any tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, trigger point therapy, stress fractures and much more. I was born in Montreal, studied  in Europe and now call Port Coquitlam home where I love spending time outdoors with my husband, young daughter, and energetic dog. 

Cassedi Carlsen

Cassedi Carlsen is an intuitive body work and energetic alignment practitioner, event facilitator, and creator of conscious kids programs. Her focus is educating students on energy management and intuitive living. Cassedi provides clients with a wide array of tools & personalized strategies to help them take responsibility for their own health & wellness through intuitive eating, breathwork, meditation, energy healing, aromatherapy massage, myofascial release, meditation, yoga/movement, sound healing and more!

Bernadine Reyes

Bernadine Reyes has been the Healthcare Office Manager for the past 8 years.She formerly was a chiropractor in Chicago for over 10 years before moving to Vancouver. She also is currently in private practice offering clients energetic healing bodywork. She also has her own private practice offering clients energetic healing bodywork.  

Marisa Faedo-Zanrosso

I have been working as an Office Manager for 19 years in this office and also work has a Fitness Instructor for a local Community Centre.  I am a big advocate for Health, Wellness and Happiness.

About Us

We are a wellness based Chiropractic Clinic in Port Moody BC, guiding you to create clarity, resourceful energy and passion for living with Network Spinal Analysis.