You walk like your Mom. Ever notice your daughter”s anger default is exactly like yours or Dad’s?
It’s not all about the genetic code.
Behaviour is also shaped by patterning. Children observe us energetically, structurally, emotionally and physiologically.
A young woman had her first visit two weeks ago.
Anxiety has had a grip on her for quite some time now. Clenching chest pain, her heart races, arrhythmia . Terrifying symptoms that can stop a person in their tracks.
She is at her wits end, as I asked some questions an incredible pattern emerged.
“Did you have any emotional or physical trauma at a young age?” I asked
 ” No , my childhood was wonderful,” she replied.”
 Her father had died of liver cancer in his 50’s. She recalled he was a worrier.
” Wait a minute”, she said. “I constantly worried about becoming like my dad , I worried I would become like him and worry al the time. Oh my God, I’ve become just like him. My worrying has become anxiety.”
‚ÄčI commented to her the spine in the region below the heart and behind the heart harden and particular parts of the spine will have tendencies to hold a particular shape. 
“Can you help me ?”, she asked.
I answered with a question …”Would you like to learn how to reorganize your tension patterns?”
“Absolutely!” was her reply.
I smiled and said, “let’s get started”.