Chiropractic Network Spinal Analyis (NSA) Care

The Nervous System controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body.
How it Helps

By Dr. Jay Lepp

Network Spinal Analysis care is an evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

Two unique healing waves develop that are associated with spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions. The tension in your body is used as fuel for spinal re-organization and enhanced wellness.

Your progress is measured by your practitioner and you working together. This includes the clinical assessment of spinal improvement completed by your practitioner combined with your self-assessment of your wellness status and the life changes that have happned while under care.

Service Fees Entrainment Session Initial Visit Fee
Adult $55

(exam and
follow-up visit)

Child (0 – 17) $35 $70
About Us

We are a wellness based Chiropractic Clinic in Port Moody BC, guiding you to create clarity, resourceful energy and passion for living with Network Spinal Analysis and SomatoRespiratory Integration.