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Clarity in Healing

Guiding you to create clarity, resourceful energy, and passion for living with Network Spinal Analysis

Who We Are

Clarty in Healing is an integral wellness centre in Port Moody, BC. We help you develop real-world strategies to amplify conscious and passionate living!

By way of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) techniques, we guide you through your healing journey.

Through contacts along the neck and lower spine, called Network adjustments or entrainments, we help you move your body from  defense towards growth. The spine is given the opportunity to develop new strategies for experiencing and responding to life.

Our Services

Chiropractic NSA Care

The premise of Network Care has been made extraordinarily simple. If your body and brain are functioning together in the present, you have a happy, healthy body and resourceful life. If your brain and body are distorted, stressed, and stuck in the past or frozen from trauma you get illness, pain, and a reactive life. Network Care gets your brain and body coherent. They are on  the same page in the present moment so you can live at your best

Shockwave Therapy

There are no side effects with this non surgical treatment and it is available at a reasonable cost.A shockwave is an intense, but very short energy wave traveling faster than the speed of

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The Magnesphere is a form of magnetic field therapy. In everyday life, we experience and encounter many negative and damaging magnetic waves. The Magnesphere is a way to combat this “dirty electricity” that suppress your nervous system and energy levels by bringing those things back to balance. This relaxing experience brings balance and grounding to your physical form to improve longevity and overall health. The Magnesphere uses very low level EMFs. 

NSA Bootcamp

The BOOTCAMP Process is a body centered educational process focused on developing lifetime strategies for spinal and neural integrity and enhanced self awareness and healing.

"Network Spinal Analysis has been a life changer - robust health, greater happiness, better relationships and greater business success!"

Cheryl Cran - Visionary Spine Member

– Cheryl Cran, Visionary Spine Member

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Is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) covered by Extended Health Insurance?

Dr. Jay Lepp is a licensed chiropractor in the province of B.C.If your extended benefits include chiropractic care then this may be used as part of your benefit package. If you need detailed information on your coverage call your insurance provider.


Our Latest News 

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My neck is fine Doc, I need you to fix my low back pain". When I asked this fellow to turn his neck , he turned his whole body rather than just his neck. Something was seriously wrong here and yet before a pattern can change... we require a self referential signal ,...

About Us

We are a wellness based Chiropractic Clinic in Port Moody BC, guiding you to create clarity, resourceful energy and passion for living with Network Spinal Analysis.