A diagnosis of Osteoarthritis & Fibromyalgia brought me to Dr. Jay for NSA as a family friend had highly recommended this type of treatment to help with my constant back/neck/shoulder pain.

Since many other forms of treatment had not worked, I was willing to try anything & I am so thankful that I gave NSA a try. I was skeptical at first that the light touches & breathing exercises would help with my pain, but amazingly it did! I have now been going weekly for the past 6 months & I feel substantially better.

Not only does NSA help with managing/reducing pain, but it does wonders for my emotional well-being & stress management. I now understand the correlation between physical & emotional pain being tied together & treated in the same way. Dr. Jay is absolutely wonderful…he is patient, kind, gentle & truly cares for people & is passionate about his work to help with the healing process.

I don’t know where I would be today without Dr. Jay & the power of NSA. I highly recommend it & am very thankful that I am under his care.

                                                                           –Tracy M.