North Vancouver: Create an Integral Life

Create an Integral Life

Body (embodiment work)
Mind (New insights and psychological strategies)
Spirit (Contemplative or meditative practice)

Spinning Your Spiritual Wheels?
Are you shopping around to meet your body, mind and spiritual needs?

What if the truth was, that all you need is within you now?

For the first time we are bringing to the North Shore what you both want and need, right now! There is much talk about a paradigm shift in thinking in today’s rapidly changing world but few opportunities are offering the elements necessary to create this shift in us now.

Come and experience a unique program a “boot camp” if you will that will give you the keys to unlock the most authentic and dynamic version of YOU that you have yet to experience!

There are three components of creating successful and lasting change in your life:
Immersion, Community & Peer Group and Success Coaching

Join us every Monday for 6 weeks as YOU integrate some of the most effective and transformational modalities into an intensive 75 minute session that molds Body, Mind and Spirit into a unified state of being.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Enrol Now:
Initial 1 ½ hour Consultation: Dr. Jay Lepp & Lisa Lauzé $100.00
(To be applied to Package Price)
Package Price : 6 weeks includes 12 entrainments $450.00 (Save $250.00)
Drop in Session: $100.00
Drop in Entrainment Fee : $50.00
Time : MONDAYS 9 :00 am or 10 :30 am Session
Where : Suite 109-267 Esplanade West, North Vancouver , 604-939-7556