A New Approach to Your Back Pain

Warm Hellos,

Question…Does anybody feel really good after cleaning the clutter in the closet or organizing their desk? It may take little boost to get going but once you get into it there is a great sense of accomplishment in creating a better space. I feel energized.

Imagine doing this in the body. Consider Reorganizational Healing.

The need to reorganize the perceptions, behaviours and structures of health and healing has never been more evident. Robert Blanks, PhD, an internationally acclaimed neurologist, writes about the need to “bring about changes in individuals, helping them to develop new resources so that these individuals use their health challenge consciously to effect changes in their lives and bring about greater understanding and increased ability to thrive under most circumstances.”

Reorganizational Healing was featured in the May 2009 Issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. This is defined as an approach to healing and life which seeks to optimize existing structures and fields of influence, bringing them into a more dynamic, aware and responsive state, while producing new sustainable emerging properties which can assist in self regulation, growth and evolution of the systems. It is not unique to a particular profession, discipline or methodology; it is a model to bring about fundamental and sustainable change. Today’s existing health care models, systems and applications require reorganization.

Restorative Therapeutics (the general cultural baseline – and is observed in contrast to Reorganizational Healing) seeks to climate, reduce, control, restore or return a person to a prior minimal state. Patient compliance is based on the emotions of fear and helplessness. In Restorative Therapeutics there is no intent to help improve the human condition or help the patient attain increasingly more complex or deeper levels of health/wellness exceeding what existed before onset of the symptom, condition or crisis.

Restorative Therapeutics helps both the individual and society a whole to move away from the very processes and experiences which can give more meaning, direction and understanding as well as the impetus to create fundamental change and progress. A system which at best seeks to return a patient to the state of health experienced immediately prior to a crisis fails to produce greater health, wellbeing or perceptual and behavioural changes. To seek optimal states, self-reliance and expression of inner wisdom, a different paradigm is needed. Since chronic illness and ongoing treatment of disease is a norm in the system, something more, and we dare say something radical, is needed to anticipate and create optimization.

We are grateful for those choosing to be a little radical because it is definitely time for new options.

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