The Neuro-Spinal System by Arno Brunier

On The Neuro-Spinal System…

by Arno Brunier



The spine is the sacred organ that houses the spirit of life. It needs to be approached with respect, honor and reverence.
The neuro-spinal system is the very core of our being. That is why it is called the spine. Like the spine of a building, it is the first organ to be formed in embryological development. The neural streak, a milky way of cells, that lines the very center of the embryo, becomes the spinal cord, cerebral hemispheres and the somites. The somites in turn develop into vertebrae.

According to Nicole Lavoie in her book titled Return to Harmony the spinal vertebrae have a differential weight ratio similar to the differential wavelength ratio of the chromatic scale of light.
Each vertebra emits a specific sound vibration. In the early 1980’s I worked with Chiropractors who were highly attuned practitioners; they were able to sound each spinal segment while touching them; they could retune them, if out of tune, with adjustments.

The spine is the last part of the skeleton to disappear in burning fires during open cremation and the only part of the body frame that remains in carcasses in the wild. It is also where viruses and bacteria will seek refuge, when under attack from the immune system, if drugs and chemicals have interfered with its early response.
The neuro-spinal system is the infrastructure of the body to which all other bones are interconnected. Most internal organs are attached to the spine directly or indirectly by suspensory ligaments. In other words, if you step on a dog’s tail, at what end does it bark?

Because structure allows function, a change in the spinal structure will immediately create a change in the electromagnetic and energy field of the body. Organs will shift in interrelationships as posture changes. Each organ emits an electro-magnetic field of energy. Their interrelationship in space creates a resultant magnetic field. That field is altered by postural changes such as in the depressed posture, the aggressive, angry posturing or the open elated and blissful stand. So as the structure of the spine changes through adjustments, the body’s functions can change from dis-ease back to ease.


The neuro-spinal system is the main pipeline for Life Force flow. It is the channel for the subtle currents of Prana and Apana as well as the conduit for Kundalini energy. As the information highway of the body, linking the brain to all tissue cells, it is vital to all body functions. Body functions include organic functions and performances but also life expression, interpretation, correlation, creativity, and understanding to name but a few.

Starting at the base, the coccyx houses the first chakra or root chakra. There resides and sleeps the kundalini shakti, the great spiritual potential, waiting to be aroused and brought back up to the source from which it originated.

The Sacrum or sacred bone is the back wall of the pelvis. Being sacred, it is not supposed to touch the ground or be blocked while sitting. Most natives and aborigines culture squat on the ground. Yogis sit in the lotus position to permit the sacrum and coccyx to move freely with the breath and keep the sacral pump unobstructed.
Blockage of the freedom of movement of the sacrum interferes with the cranio-sacral mechanism and the proper pumping of cerebro-spinal fluid in and around the meninges and brain.
The pelvis is the place where creativity and sexuality takes place along with all their possible associated issues and violations. This is where the sacral chakra resides. The knowledge of spinal energy centers or chakras dates back to the Greeks and was part of Plato’s philosophy and Greeks medical culture.

The lumbar spine has the largest and strongest vertebrae. It is where one can “read” how one lives life; either pushing, flowing or holding back. The lumbar spine is the site of support or lack of it. Issues of support can be emotional as well as financial, spiritual or social. The sense of intuition is located there with the third charkas; intuitive knowing emanates at the navel as a “pang” inside.

There are five lumbar vertebrae associated with the five basic wounds of humanity: Humiliation, Abandonment, Betrayal, Injustice and Rejection. Every human being has had one or all these wounds. It is built in the design of life. These basic wounds are gifts that entice ‘awakened’ humans toward core healing as they progress out of survival into adaptation, growth, development, transformation and finally evolution. These wounds are the gifts bestowed on us for our own evolution.


The Dorsal spine has twelve vertebrae to which the ribs attach to form the rib cage, which is the treasure chest of emotions. The typical posture of a child, after being scolded by a parent, is a fold down shoulder and arms stand, so as to close off the rib cage and lessen feelings. There are twelve vertebrae for the twelve stages of core healing. Donald Epstein, D.C. has a brilliant dissertation of those stages in his book the Twelve Stages of Healing. The cavity formed by the dorsal spine and ribs houses the heart and lungs amongst other organs. The forth chakra or heart chakra gives us the ability of making decisions, ‘following our heart’, based upon one’s higher self, and not from the unfulfilled emotions and desires of our lower nature.

The cervical spine supports the neck, which is the channel for air, food and the verbal expression of thoughts and emotions. There are seven cervical vertebrae for the seven steps to knowledge. The steps are not an ascension to knowledge, believed to be in the intellect of the brain, but rather a descent into the intelligence of the heart. The fifth chakra, associated with the faculty of higher discrimination, between choosing what is right and wrong, and with creativity and self-expression is located in the neck.
Of all the cervical vertebrae, the atlas and axis, first and second spinal segments, have peculiar structures and landscape. Their articulating facets are unique and specific. This gives them greater mobility and the capacity to bear the weight of the heavy skull. As a result it also gives them the inherent weakness of being somewhat unstable compared to other vertebrae. All physical designs are ‘compromises’ with inherent limitations.

The Atlas named after the giant of Greek mythology supports the weight of the heavens; the realms of consciousness hovering above the skull yet downloaded within the brain for intellectual and or verbal expression.
The axis is the “ruder” of our ship. With its tooth like projection called the odontoid, it can move right, left or posterior. The positioning of the axis will determine how we view and process the world out there. We may have a
right-brain or left-brain dominance with an axis right or left and even have denial of our deeper self in a posterior axis.

The typical military position, which moves the axis posteriorly, is designed to shut down the emotional heart center while denying the self. This permits one to become a soldier learning the skills to take lives.

All of the experts in terminating life and separating spirit from the body address the neck at atlas and axis. The French use the guillotine, the English the hanging long drop system, the Japanese the sword and snipers a bullet; all to cause instant death. Kung-Fu San Soo martial artists use a one move strike, with a closed fist punch, that slides on the back of the occiput, to hit the spinous of axis, driving the odontoid into the spinal cord and causing instant silent death.                   

Beyond housing and protecting the delicate and complex tissue of the spinal cord and meningeal system, the spinal vertebrae also house and protect the nerve roots. The human innernet and complex communication system depends on the integrity of the neuro-spinal system.
Any intrusion or blockage will result in impaired function and life expression.

Christopher Reeve was a prime example on how a fracture of the two top vertebrae could put Superman out of commission. As tragic as the horseback riding accident that Christopher sustained was, it was a magical moment. Humanity and the entire world could now see and understand the relationship between spinal vertebrae and overall body functions.



The tragic accident to Christopher Reeve brought more awareness to the relationship of the spine, the central nervous system and overal body function.


For thousands of years the mystics and yogis have focused on the spine for spiritual evolution, enlightenment and health. The Chiropractic profession is dedicated to adjusting the spine to free interferences caused by subluxation. David Hawkins, M.D. in his book The Eye of the I mentioned that for the first times in human history, in 1986, the consciousness of humanity rose above the level of 207; Fear being at 100, courage at 200, neutrality at 250, science and logic at 400, Love at 500 and enlightenment between 700-1000. One individual at the level of the Avatar at 1000 counter balance the collective negativity of all humanity. At 700, a single human being counter balance 70 million humans at the level of 200. As more people experience a rise in levels of consciousness, there is hope for humanity. As Yogananda wrote in his Book Autobiography of a Yogi:

"one half - minute of revolution of energy around the sensitive spinal cord equals one year of natural spiritual enfoldment."

The predicament that humanity is presently in, and the course it has taken, can only be altered positively by more people reaching higher levels of consciousness. As this happens the collective consciousness will rise. Decision makers, in position of power, need to attain enlightenment to be able to stir humanity in a direction that will ensure its existence for generations to come.
This hope and vision of a better humanity is consistent with the vision of B. J. Palmer articulated in a little known booklet he wrote titled: My Message Analyzed. In addition, many of B.J. Palmer’s writing state that, the purpose of the adjustment is to unite man the physical with man the spiritual. Such union of the material and the immaterial, the tangible and the intangible in the actual human experience can produce enlightenment. As a body, humanity can no longer afford to spend 50 years in solitude, meditating in a remote cave away from the active world, in the hope to achieve Self-realization. The present predicament of humanity needs enlightened beings active in the modern world as well as secluded in remote ashrams.
The neuro-spinal system holds the key to such evolution in consciousness. 

B.J. Palmer wrote:

The health part of my message we teach, perhaps not quite as broadly as stated, but in sum and substance, you accept that the purpose of chiropractic is to make man healthy. To that extend you are taught; that part you grasp, accept, understand and practice. Should I step forth boldly and declare that the adjustment of vertebral subluxation was for the Innate purpose of permitting closer communication between God and man, you would decry my premise; not because you could logically disprove or deny one iota, but because it was a new viewpoint that you have never considered, therefore subject to hasty criticism.” Then he wrote: “ For some reason, in this life, you have been entrusted with a key; a key that can reach into the depths and light that spark.”

The adjustment is the key that chiropractors have been entrusted with. A key to unlock the mystery of the neuro-spinal system where enlightenment lay dormant coiled as the Kundalini energy. Of course, we can bring chiropractic in the realm of healing, health and wellbeing, into the physical and emotional benefits received from adjustments. This is usually where most of the public connects with this profession. Yet, in the reality of the experience, those benefits are effects of physiological changes within the nerve system due to the release of spirit and light within the spinal cord. We are light beings, spiritual entities living within physical vehicles. Light or Life force is the links that binds matter and intelligence to manifest life. In the end chiropractic is about life; the neuro-spinal system its playing field.