May , 2012 Clear Day : Awaken Entrainment Song Playlist


Clear Day May 26 Song Selections:

Sometimes a song evokes powerful anchoring in an entrainment. I had a few comments about selected tracks. I thought I would share the Awaken entrainment selections and in the Transform entrainment the drumming song with the very cool dialogue is called :

The Player's Hands John de Kadt 5:27 This Rhythm Is Not Mine 

Awaken Playlist:

Gayatri Mantra Angelika 8:44 Deeksha 

So Much Magnificence Anthony Robbins 7:55 Sacred Blessings 

Alleluia Robert Gass 11:08 Awakening New Age

Canon in D major for strings and continuo Jean-François Paillard 7:12 Pachelbel: Canon - Suites & Fasch: Concerto for Trumpet - Symphonies Classical

Oneness Blessing (Instrumental) Nahuel Schajris 7:56 Hummingbird Series: Yoga Vol. 2 World

Love, Serve, And Remember -- John Astin Healing Heart Productions 4:25 Streams Of Light

Gayatri Mantra (Traditional) Anthony Robbins 9:47 Sacred Blessings 

Wahe Guru Shakta Kaur Khalsa 3:22 Deeply Relax And Meditate

Om Tare Angelika 7:45 Deeksha

Ong So Hung The Guru Singh Experience 22:15 Volume One

Prizeman: Sanctus Libera 3:41 Libera Classical
Om Bhagavan Onenessound 16:50 Deeksha Through Music 

A very rewarding Clear Day, it feels even more profound now as it has settled into the following day.