Clear Day Program

This is an experiential program to ignite your focused attention for greater awareness of your tension and ease patterns. Get clear about your resourcefulness and using your life stressors more productively.

The NSA Clear Day helps you to develop a deeper connection with your body"s patterns of tension to powerfully embody clarity and reorganize the limiting tension patterns allowing for optimal learning states.

It is suggested to wear loose fitting clothing and be prepared to have an incredible experience. 

Can you imagine your best network experience and then expanding on it .

Imagine taking a day to focus on new strategies to deepen your internal connection to your mind, body and spirit? Imagine a day to get CLEAR.


Our intention for program is to help you develop a deeper connection with your body’s patterns of tension and to develop new strategies to release and transform those patterns. This awareness becomes much more accessible as your Nervous System becomes more flexible and adaptable through Network care.


The program will include four network entrainments and three S.R.I. (Somato Respiratory Integration) sessions. SRI will enhance your network progress and give you tools to continue practicing on your own at home.

The themes of the entrainments will follow the three levels of Network care.


  • Connect and Release:

- Explore areas of peace, ease and dis-ease in the body

- Deepen the ability to access the spine through breath

- Connect to the essence of old stories and beliefs held in the body


  • Transform and Refine

- Transform and digest old patterns of the body into ones that serve our greater purpose and higher selves

- Refine access, connection and inner resources for embodying this change


  • Awaken and Expand

- Entrain the energy, ease and movement of the spine with the heart

- Taking action in the world that supports your awakening to your heart’s deepest desires