4 Ways ( not all are good) People Choose to Shift CNS Patterns

My neck is fine Doc, I need you to fix my low back pain". 

When I asked this fellow to turn his neck , he turned his whole body rather than just his neck.

Something was seriously wrong here and yet before a pattern can change... we require a self referential signal , maybe it comes in the form of a question ? A pain ? 

A dominant pattern in the nervous system..it keeps functioning whether or not it is appropriate. This will influence everything...so how does the body eliminate it ?


  • Although less likely to be successful, the brain recognizes it no longer needs a particular pattern.
  •  The allopathic way..,something high , you bring it down  ( compete with it ). Alter pattern by producing an opposite pattern; bringing down a fever, slow the thyroid down, speed the thyroid up.
  • A counter-irritant, many symptoms we have are counter irritants to the major problem. 
  • Use a sub threshold input so that there is no context for it. This requires the system to evaluate itself in order to process the input.

... well it goes without saying that all of us are fans of the last one, yippee!!!!