North Vancouver NSA Bootcamp

By Dr. Jay Lepp 

The BOOTCAMP Process is a body centered educational process focused on developing lifetime strategies for spinal and neural integrity and enhanced self awareness and healing.

A Bootcamp Visit Includes

  • Network Spinal Entrainment/Adjustment
  • Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Exercise
  • Oneness Blessing
  • Interactive Insights and Coaching

You may stay for one or both entrainments during the appointment blocks.

Appointment Times

Fridays        8:15 Single Entrainment                                    8:50-10:15AM  &  10:15-11:30AM 


Glory Day Church

1110 Gladwin Drive

North Vancouver, B.C. V7R 1B4  Phone: 604-939-7556

Bootcamp Service Fee
 Service Fee Price per Visit
6 entrainments
$240.00 $40
12 entrainments $360.00 $30
24 entrainments $600.00 $25
Single entrainment  $50.00
Initial Comprehensive Exam & Consultation with Dr. Jay Lepp at the Port Moody Office $150.00

Contact Us

Dr. Jay Lepp


Is Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) covered by Extended Health Insurance?

Dr. Jay Lepp is a licensed chiropractor in the province of B.C.If your extended benefits include chiropractic care then this may be used as part of your benefit package. If you need detailed information on your coverage call your insurance provider.

Why does the First Appointment need to be in Port Moody?

In order to begin the Bootcamp, Dr. Jay Lepp needs to complete a comprehensive history and spinal health assessment. It also gives us time to explore your health goals and any concerns. As a primary care health provider, he is required by law to perform a thorough history and physical exam.