7 Highly Prized Elements of Human Capital Valued By Leonardo Da Vinci

Some very key skills can be very valuable when directed towards health and life . What are these skills? Can these skills be developed?


How can You Influence The 4 Pillars of Health?

What do you use to see with?  If you said your eyes... you're wrong.

Group Entrainments ~ Dr. Lepp

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) was founded in 1982 by Dr.

Life Insurance Premium goes down with NSA care

I recently had to have a complete physical exam.

A Mom Just Knows

I saw a sweet little boy for his first entrainment, he loves hockey, plays a little soccer and loves to be with his friends. He also has challenges with anxiety.

Biology Rules

We can all relate to this…

We all like to think that we are aware…of everything. That we know ‘what’s going on’.

Mysteriously Serene

Yet another entrainment with Jay that was oh so different than the one before.  Exploring the solitude of my spine, the spinal gateway opened and the wave rolled and released another&nb

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