We can all relate to this…

We all like to think that we are aware…of everything. That we know ‘what’s going on’. We will sometimes admit that we might have missed out on some subtleties but for the most part, we are ‘on the ball’…. ‘in the know’. This following story should give us a new perspective of what it means to be aware.

A True Story

Recently I had a visit with a young teenged girl, it had been almost a year since her last entrainment.

This is what she said to me…

“Dr. Jay, my chest hurts, I can tell my body is hunched over, my Grandma tells me to sit up straight but I can’t.” “When I see my Aunt and her daughter hug I feel angry inside because I know that doesn’t happen to me, I also can feel how my body hunches more when I feel this way. Now the angry feeling seems to be staying with me, it’s always there.”

“Can you give a hug? I asked. “It is really hard, something inside doesn’t let me. I want to, and I don’t want to feel angry anymore when I see them hug.” She replied back., and then she added, “when I feel angry inside sometimes later my chest makes a popping sound and then it hurts more.”

Her circumstances: both parents have mental disabilities that incapacitate their ability to parent; she has been raised by her grandmother.

I was moved by her wisdom, I noted her ability to witness the relationship between the changes in her spine’s shape and tone, the loss of function and feeling locked in with one emotional energetic. She recognizes a spinal pattern and the locked emotional state are one. She was coming in for an entrainment to develop new strategies for experiencing herself.

Her ability to express what was happening to her emotionally and physically inspired me. How many of us will default to “I don’t know why this is happening to me?” or “Why does this keep happening to me?” That is if it is noticed at all.

Bigger yet, how many of us are aware that we carry our emotional state in our body…that our emotions are not just feelings that pass but that they can be physical and behaviourally expressed to the point of structural spinal changes as well as shutting us off from the giving and recieving of affection and love?

Hmmmmm….something to think about.

Final note…..yes, after the entrainment her posture changed and so did her emotions.